Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Begining of the end

So today is basically my last day in Argentina. Its really quite sad. I am going to miss catching the bus early in the morning and going to class (seriously). It has been quite fun.

Today I went to the zoo with my friends.

I was supposed to go on my special adventure (which, this is the 4th time I have tried to do it,) but the weather was not sufficient. So it basically looks like I will not be able to do it. My special event was to go Parapente (Paragliding) but the first time I made it up there, they did not have the right size harness, so I was not able to do the jump. The other 3 times the weather has been bad. I still have an album on all my pictures I took of others while I was up there that day and many videos (which can be found on the photo & video sites). So there you have it, my special adventure has been foiled. However, I start an "new" adventure tomorrow, when I travel solo to Puerto Madryn.

Tomorrow I get on a bus to travel to the Patagonia region of Argentina. I am going to visit Puerto Madryn & Valdez peninsula. The whales are down there right now so I am very excited about what I will be doing there. The bus ride is about 24 hours one way, so I am definitely going to be ready to get off the bus once I get there. I arrive there on the 4th at 9:30 am and I leave there 7th at about 11:30am, returning to Mendoza about the same time on the 8th. I basically have a little over 24 hours to spend in Mendoza, until the 9th, from which I fly out of Mendoza and leave Argentina at 6:30pm.

So this is the beginning of the end of my blog for Argentina. I however have decided to put a book together of all the things I have learned while being here, so even after I return to the states, I will have to upload the rest of the photos and videos and finish putting the book together (I have already started.) So stay tuned as I travel to Puerto Madryn.

P.S. I am currently uploading the pictures for the zoo today, so some of them are up, but not least for now. :)

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